Letter to Parents/Students from Bob Weir, VACTE Superintendent, March 30, 2020

Letter to Parents/Students from Bob Weir, VACTE Superintendent March 23, 2020

Letter from Governor Ducey and Superintendent Hoffman

As mandated by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Superintendent of Public Instruction, Kathy Hoffman, VACTE students will not be returning to campus through April 10 due to COVID-19 virus safety precautions.

Instruction in all VACTE classes will take place online or through assignments to be completed at home.  Classes conducted by Yavapai College will be instructed as to their protocol.

Students will be contacted by their respective instructors as to the class requirements of online instruction and other instructional methods. Students will be responsible for the work while not attending campus. This work will be graded and considered in the overall class grade.

Students will be contacted either through phone, text, or email by instructors, or through this website as to when "physical" classroom attendance will begin.